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De Husking Rice Rubber Rolls

We are manufacturer and exporters of De-husking Rice Rubber Rolls for the rice milling industry. We are producer of high quality rubber rolls to match the pioneers of this field.We manufacture all types of rubber rolls in regards to variety of paddy and technology used by the rice millers. We are the first to introduce Rubber Rolls with Aluminum Sleeves to cater the need of pneumatic shellers.

Principle of Operation
If a grain of paddy is pressed between two resilient surfaces moving at different speeds in the same direction, the husk will be stripped off. The picture shows the operational principle of the modern rice sheller whose rollers have the same diameter but revolve at different angular speeds.

Suggestion to Rice Millers

  • Rice millers must ensure that their drums are well balanced to avoid vibrations
  • Rice millers must ensure a proper flow of paddy to the sheller to avoid burning of rubber rolls.

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